How we’ve Helped Solve IT problems

Preventing IT problems before you’re even aware of them!

At Cynosura we own your IT problem, take away your headaches and restore your peace of mind.

We listen to your needs and identify any areas of weakness, in need of improvements or change. We understand critical response times in your business and we give it our personal attention.

When accessibility to data and applications, is a core part of the way you do business, we are a perfect partnership to assist.

Here are some ways we have helped our clients to sleep at night, improve their
productivity and grow their business:

  • We have transformed spreadsheet recalculations, from minutes… to less than a second for our clients, saving them time and increasing business services output.
  • We have created robust IT networks for firms, practices and companies, who can now access any of their information on the go, on their ipads/tablets/phones/laptops irrespective of where they are. So they have the flexibility to access the same applications and data anytime and anywhere they need to, which means staff and management can work directly from a client’s site, from home or overseas.
  • We helped one company, who had a devastating virus attack, to fully recover in under a day. And because we had implemented our proactive strategy for them, a couple of months later when they were hit with another virus, their downtime was reduced to 15 minutes and business flowed smoothly.

Overall, less stress, less risk and improved work performance and business growth.

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Client Testimonials And Case Studies

“Gary and his team have provided IT support to Norton Gledhill for almost 15 years. Norton Gledhill has undertaken many IT projects with Gary during this period, such as whole of environment refreshes, including server and desktop virtualisation using Citrix and Microsoft products, EMC SAN implementation, firewall upgrades and core application refreshes including Exchange.

When there has been a problem, such as getting hit with the crypto virus, he was quickly onto it and worked late into the night, to ensure it was business as usual for the following day.

I have always been totally confident that I received the best possible advice. I have always felt safe in his hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to others.”

Gary from Cynosura