From working in big business IT departments to owning his own smaller businesses, Gary Lowe has seen it all.

Understanding small business owners don’t have the budget for the IT Department support that big business enjoys and must call on a friend or relative to manage their IT with little expertise, Gary Lowe is the champion of the small business owners.

During the 30 years working in the IT industry, Gary has been the Technical Director and partner in several IT infrastructure businesses ranging in size from 20 to 200 staff.

As his network of small business owners grew, Gary Lowe became the “go to” man for any IT issues that they were experiencing daily.

The rapid pace of technological change over the years has affected small business owner’s capacity to keep up leaving them open to attack.

In 2014 Gary established his own small business Cynosura, which in its infancy, gave small business owners the “taste of big business IT support” on a budget they could afford.

However, as the Dark Web emerged as multi-billion-dollar industry, Gary began to experience less call outs for networking issues in the office and more cyber-attacks that brought small business owners to their knees.

A phenomenal problem solver Gary Lowe is driven to protect the small business owner from an ever-increasing threat that could see more small business owners closing the doors on their business.

As Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners and Architects trade in the data that cyber-criminals find valuable Gary Lowe understands the reputational damage that this can have to such Professional Service based business which rely on reputation to provide their service.

Now as a sought-after guest speaker for Accountants, Lawyers and Architects, Gary Lowe is raising the bar on education and awareness which is one of the key factors necessary to defend your business against a cyber-attack.

Gary Lowe is now engaged by small business owners of all kinds to provide strategic solutions to protect what they have worked so hard for from cyber-attack.

Gary Lowe

IT Security Specialist Cynosura

With over 20 years’ experience as small business owner, Marg Lange joined the team at Cynosura November 2018 after her business the Real Tradies Wives of Melbourne suffered a cyber-attack.

In May 2018 Marg Lange had to make the heart-breaking decision to close the doors on her business after the attacks were becoming increasingly serious and her reputation could be damaged.

The decision to pull the plug on her business and walk away was not an easy one but having taken the opportunity away for further attack that could damage Marg’s reputation, Marg was able to move forward.

Marg Lange like any small business owner has endured the highs and lows of running a small business and takes setbacks as an opportunity to learn, grow and help others.

Gary Lowe was instrumental to Marg Lange’s discovery, recovery and awareness of how damaging cyber attack can be not just from a business perspective but from a personal one as well.

As Cynosura’s Business Development Manager Marg Lange’s new-found passion from her cyber-attack experience is to increase the awareness and engagement of Cynosura so that no other business owner must go through what she did.

Marg is the consummate hostess having owned her own event management business.

An avid networker connecting people is Marg’s gift along with her natural warmth to make every event interactive so that attendees walk out having had an informative experience making new connections.

Marg Lange

Business Development Manager,
Events Co-ordinator Cynosura