Topic: "Topic: "Are Cyber threats lurking in my email INBOX?
(They’re not just in your inbox, 1 in 3 chance they’re all over your business!)"

If you have ever wondered if:

  • your business is safe online, whether your business could be targeted
  • not sure if you’ve been hacked or had a data breach and what this all means
  • where the threats are in relation to your business, computer systems, devices and cloud-based accounts
  • what the chances of your business getting hacked and
  • how you can defend yourself without relying on your IT guy

Then this 1/2 Day Workshop is for you.

Become Protected & Empowered in 1/2 a day Not the Next Victim.

Small business owners with 20 or less staff are the prime target of cyber-attack because they don’t have an IT Security department.

Whilst your IT guy may be skilled at keeping your networks working and trouble shooting your device problems, they are not always skilled at “Cyber Security” which is a specialist field.


Like the war on terror, cybercrime is evolving. The only defence is awareness, followed by a strategic defence plan that you must build for your business and cyber insurance.

Australian Data Breach laws introduced in 2018 mean YOU the small business owner are now responsible, not your IT guy and they WILL fine you if you have not protected your business with a Cyber Defence Plan.


  • Over breakfast with “ethical hackers” we will give you the most current threats and tricks hackers are coming up with to get their hands on your data that they wish to sell for a profit your identity.
  • We will demonstrate a LIVE hack to prove to you just how easy it is to get into your phone or computer.


  • During Morning tea, we will equip you with the strategy steps you need to build your Cyber Defence Plan, so you are not only protected but also compliant to the new Data Breach Laws.


  • Finally, we will explore recovery of an attack and how cyber insurance fits into your business protection.
  • Cyber Insurance formulates part of your cyber recovery and is an important tool to have in place should you experience an attack. However, a policy will not be paid out unless you can prove you had a defence plan in place before the attack.
  • Also understanding what cover you need to take out to ensure you are fully protected will be explained.

Please join us at this 1/2 day workshop that will be presented in a way a small business owner can understand.

Your ticket is tax deductible and includes breakfast and morning tea

Business Owners will walk away with the following outcomes:

Knowledge of most current threat landscape to your business, armoury to include in your Defence Plan to protect and e-data law compliance.
Strategy steps to build your defence plan to meet compliance requirements at a budget you can afford and in line with your business structure and operations.
How to use Cyber Insurance as both a preventative and recovery tool in your Defence Plan because it is NOT the panacea to a complete Defence plan rather an integral component of one.


Ben Verschaeren

Sophos Global Engineer

Ben Verschaeren,Sophos Global Solutions Engineer is our Key Note Speaker, who will deliver not just the most cutting-edge devious ways hackers are coming up with to get their hands on your data but will demonstrate interactively just how easy it is to deliver the example live.

Ben’s not shy of live demonstrations to best articulate security concepts and how consequences of an attack can effect an organization.

We like to think of Ben as the Sergeant Major on the war of cybercrime.

Each time he speaks you walk away gob smacked at the new way’s hackers are finding and inventing ways to get their hands on your data and hold you to ransom.

Consider sextortion or perhaps child abuse that has nothing to do with your business but a lot to wreck your business reputation.

Its war folks!

Ben likes to spend his free time breaking hacker’s hearts by informing you of the new threats and ways to overcome them! We love that he does that too ?

The Cyber Battleground Unplugged-Threat Landscapeis constantly changing with a live demonstration to shock you, explanation of e-data laws and what they mean to you, and armoury products to protect you

Gary Lowe

IT Security Strategist Cynosura

Gary Lowe IT Specialist from Cynosura is a formidable Cyber Security Strategist with exceptional problem-solving skills who will deliver the strategy steps to build your business Defence Plan.

Gary will quickly assess the unique characteristics of your business structure and how you do business to advise on the best Strategy steps to put your Defence Plan together on a budget you can afford whilst meeting the required compliance needs.

We like to think of him as Commander In chief on the war on Cybercrime.

Having had enough of mopping up the mess and a wet shoulder from so many tears Gary is drawing a line in the sand.

Don’t wait until you get hit or someone closer to you gets hit to act!

Determined to give you the step by step Cyber strategy that will see you act rather than shrugging your shoulders thinking this is all too hard, Gary will take the pain out of becoming compliant that we all know you feel is a big chore.

Armed with a better strategy than anyone could give you from Bunnings, Gary will work with you to find those open doors and window points in your business and create strategic solutions to close them on a budget you can afford.

In his spare time Gary likes to solve your problems and we are appreciative of that as most of us don’t have a clue!

Cyber Strategy Steps to Build Your Plan- Taking away the Overwhelm, Making the Complex Easy, Tailor Made to Your Business Needs.

Polina Kesov

Director of ii-A Insurance

Polina Kesov is Director of ii-A whose knowledge of cyber security insurance is exceptional.

Further, she understands the ins and outs of Cyber Insurance policies and how it can interact with other important insurances you would traditionally rely upon.

Polina will pull apart the jargon to help you navigate the policy requirements and return on investment.

Further she will explain the reason why Cyber Insurance policies are considered a key financial recovery element in your Cyber Defence Plan.

We like to think of her as Agent 99 in the war on Cybercrime.

Having seen the devastation that, the unexpected event can bring to a business Polina is committed to reducing your exposure to the unthinkable, protecting your reputation and reducing your business interruption.

Whilst cyber criminals may play Russian roulette with the ways they can entrap you, Polina has started her own cold war in the fight against mitigating the damage through the care and attention to detail she gives to each business situation.

In her spare time Polina has you covered so you can sleep soundly at night.

Cyber Weaponry Explained - Cyber Insurance is a key tool required in every Cyber arsenal tool kit to help you recover plus form part of your prevention Cyber Defence Plan.